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Master of Science in Science, Technology and Policy

ETH Zürich

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Master of Science (MSc)
Politikwissenschaft, Umweltwissenschaft
four semester-long Master's programme
Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP)
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The Master’s programme in Science, Technology and Policy starts every year in the autumn term (mid-September). There is no Spring intake.

We welcome applications to the MSc ETH in Science, Technology and Policy (MSc ETH STP) from ambitious students with a BSc degree in natural sciences or engineering including architecture and mathematics. Successful candidates must hold a BSc degree with minimum 180 ECTS. All candidates must submit an application online and are subject to individual assessment by the admissions committee.

The four-semester long Master's programme is, structured into four types of courses that link , the different disciplines and provide a broad , spectrum of expertise. More specifically, skills, acquired in scientific or technical Bachelor´s , degree studies are extended in the following areas, • Supplementary courses in natural sciences, or engineering (“minors”) , that deepen knowledge gained during the , Bachelor’s programme., These courses address topics in an , interdisciplinary problem-oriented context., • Courses in social sciences, which focus on, policy analysis and evaluation, as well as socia, and political processes and institutions., • Case studies and a Master's thesis, which , address concrete policy issues in an, interdisciplinary manner., • Electives and/or an Internship.
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Please refer to the ETH Zurich Admissions Office for details on the online application process and the deadlines for applying.

E-mail: master@ethz.ch
Tel.: +41 44 632 81 00
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 11:00-13:00
Admission and online application
Further information and contact (Admissions Office)

CHF 730 per semester (from HS20) plus the compulsory semester fees, as in any other MSc programme of ETH Zürich. Please, refer to the tuition fees on ETH Zurich website for more information on the tuition and semester fees.
Dietmar Huber
Tel: +41 44 632 03 71
Kontakt Hochschule
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
T.: +41 44 632 11 11
F.: +41 44 632 10 10
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Der Studiengang im Fokus

ETH Zurich – Where the future begins

Freedom and individual responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit, and open-mindedness: ETH Zurich stands on the bedrock of true Swiss values. Our university for science and technology dates back to 1855 when the founders of modern-day Switzerland created it as a centre of innovation and knowledge. Students discover an ideal environment for independent thinking at ETH Zurich, researchers a climate that inspires top performance. Situated in the heart of Europe, yet forging connections all over the world, ETH Zurich is pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow. Some 530 professors teach around 20,500 students. Their collective research embraces many disciplines: natural sciences and engineering sciences, architecture, mathematics, system-oriented natural sciences, as well as management and social sciences. 

About ISTP

The Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP) aims at making a major contribution towards increasing the policy relevance of scientific research at ETH Zurich and towards educating students and future decision-makers in government, the private sector, and society at the interface of science, engineering, and policy-​making. It also puts particular emphasis on collaboration and interaction with non-academic partners. Research projects are being developed and implemented in partnership with relevant stakeholders from government, civil society, and the private sector.

Stimmen von Studierenden

The MSc ETH STP Programme

ETH Zurich’s Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP) offers an interdisciplinary specialised Master’s (MSc) Programme (120 ECTS) to enable students who have already completed a degree in science and engineering to acquire policy analysis skills while deepening their knowledge of science and engineering at the Master’s level. This full-time programme is taught in English by internationally known faculty and experts.


The entry requirement is a BSc degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS in science or engineering (including mathematics and architecture). The MSc STP curriculum focuses on developing policy analysis skills (25%), advancing science and engineering skills in one of five possible areas (25%), case study seminars and elective courses (25%), as well as a Master’s thesis. Five minors' selection provides students with knowledge beyond the foundations in their Bachelor’s degree programme to deepen subject knowledge and methodology in the specialist area. The Master’s thesis should combine science, engineering, and policy analysis skills to study specific societal challenges.

The Master’s programme in Science, Technology and Policy starts every year in the autumn term (mid-​September). The ETH Admissions Office offers full details regarding the application procedure and current information about the application deadline.

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Master in Science, Technology and Policy
Mögliche Berufsfelder

Career Perspectives

Students will acquire skills to systematically analyse societal challenges at the interface of science, technology, and policy, develop & assess policy options for addressing such challenges, and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of policies that are being implemented.

This combination of science, engineering, and policy analysis skills is in high demand, particularly in governmental agencies, technology & life science firms, industry, consulting firms, IOs, NGOs, and academia

For more information, please visit the Career Perspectives section on the ISTP homepage.

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