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B.Sc. (Hons) Software Engineering

Lancaster University Leipzig

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BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
Informatik, Computerlinguistik
3 Jahre
School of Computing and Communications
Chartered Institute for IT and more
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Year One Modules:, Digital Systems, Fundamentals of Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Development., Year Two Modules:, Advanced Programming, Computer Networks, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Operating Systems, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues-, in Computing, Software Design, Software Design Studio Project I., Year Three Modules:, Distributed Systems, Internet Applications Engineering, Languages and Compilation, Security and Risk, Software Design Studio Project II, Software Design Studio Project III.
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Studienberatung Lancaster University Leipzig
Tel: +49 341 33976611
Kontakt Hochschule
Augustusplatz 1-4
04109 Leipzig
T.: +49 341 33976611
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Der Studiengang im Fokus

Our programme provides you with a comprehensive grounding in computer science, while equipping you with the specialist skills required for a profession in software engineering and design. 

Your first year will provide you with the fundamentals of computer science, software development, and digital and information systems, allowing you to gain the essential knowledge needed for analysis and design. You will also begin to develop complex computer programming skills, learning to write, analyse, debug, test, and document computer programmes.

Your second and third years offer advanced modules, including Distributed Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, and Languages and Compilation. In addition to developing your foundational understanding, programming, and software design skills, you will explore social, ethical and professional issues related to the discipline and will complete a group project. These will allow you to develop the working knowledge and skills to overcome the challenges of designing, developing and evaluating real-world software systems.

Your final year will also give you the opportunity to undertake an individual project. In this project you will work closely with one of our academics, allowing you to use and further develop the skills acquired throughout your degree.

Apply now online: lancasterleipzig.de!

The Lancaster Award

Lancaster University is dedicated to ensuring you not only gain a highly reputable degree, you also graduate with the relevant life and work based skills. We are unique in that every student is eligible to participate in The Lancaster Award which offers you the opportunity to complete key activities such as work experience, employability/career development, campus community and social development. 

Der Studiengang im Video
Welcome to Lancaster University Leipzig
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Software Engineers develop highly specialised skills that can be applicable in a range of industries. Our graduates have gone on to work with a variety of companies, providing novel computing solutions ranging from e-commerce to advanced military systems, while others have chosen to set up their own businesses or study for MSc or PhD qualifications.

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