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Master in Management

EU Business School

Anzeige Ein Angebot der EU Business School. Für den Inhalt ist die Hochschule verantwortlich.
1 year
Internationaler Studiengang, Vollzeitstudium
Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux
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Zulassung & Bewerbung
October, January & March
Lehramtsbefähigender Master für:
  • k.A.
Fristen & Termine

Application time: Year-round

Registration period: Year-round

Fees per term €4,600
Enquiries at:
Tel: +49 89 5502 9595
Kontakt Hochschule
Theresienhöhe 28
80339 München
T.: +49 (0)89 5502 9595
F.: +49 (0)89 5502 9504
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Der Studiengang im Fokus


Rapid political, economic, social and technological changes are taking place across the world. In order to cope with and actively shape these complex changes, new forms of leadership are required. This program explores the realities of being an authentic leader in the 21st century, from making strategic decisions, managing people and performance and negotiating effectively, to operational and marketing management. Focusing on the development of critical thinking and executive skills, this master’s will give students the tools to be an effective leader and to adapt to future changes in business.

Degree Awarded

  • A university-specific master’s degree (título propio) awarded by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Spain.
  • A Certificate in Advanced Studies from EU Business School Switzerland.

Stimmen von Studierenden

Why Munich?

Studying a master's program in Munich allows students to expand their business knowledge in the economic powerhouse of Germany. The vibrant Bavarian capital is home to numerous major multinational company headquarters including BMW and Allianz, as well as a flourishing startup scene, and is also actively pursuing initiatives to provide a greener, more sustainable living environment.

Munich may be famous for its annual Oktoberfest festival, but it has so much more to offer students wishing to study business. The city energetically promotes and supports innovative startups and tech companies, making it an ideal place for future entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, get involved and to set up new and forward-thinking ventures. Munich also offers students a superb array of sports, outdoor adventures, socializing and entertainment opportunities, ensuring a well-rounded student experience.


EU's faculty is composed of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders.

All courses are taught by lecturers with a wealth of practical experience in their fields. Our teaching staff create a personalized and interactive learning environment that promotes and fosters the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in business. The caliber of the faculty and a culture that values and rewards an entrepreneurial spirit are what make EU Business School stand out.

Der Studiengang im Video
The EU Experience
Mögliche Berufsfelder

The Master in Management provides a comprehensive understanding of business essentials which may be applied across a multitude of careers and sectors. Some of the positions which may interest graduates of this master’s degree are listed below.

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Operations Officer
  • Management Consultant
  • Performance Consultant
Fragen zum Studiengang
Welchen Abschluss erhalte ich, wenn ich Master in Management studiere?
Beim Studiengang Master in Management an der EU Business School handelt es sich um einen Studiengang mit dem Abschluss Master
Welches Sachgebiet beinhaltet der Studiengang?
Das Sachgebiet des Studiengangs ist Betriebswirtschaftslehre.
Wie lange dauert das Studium?
Die Regelstudienzeit beträgt Sonstige. Ein Semester sind 6 Monate. Somit dauert das Studium in der Regel 0 Monate.
In welcher Sprache finden die Lehrveranstaltungen statt?
Die Vorlesungen, Seminare oder Kurse finden hauptsächlich in Englisch statt.
In welcher Form wird das Studium Master in Management angeboten?
Das Studium wird als internationaler Studiengang und als Vollzeitstudium in Barcelona, Geneva und Montreux angeboten.
Wo finden die Lehrveranstaltungen statt?
Standorte dieser Hochschule sind Barcelona, Geneva und Montreux.
Kann ich mich zum Sommer- oder zum Wintersemester bewerben?
Du kannst dich zu folgendem Semester bewerben: October, January & March.
Gibt es spezielle Zugangsvoraussetzungen, um Master in Management zu studieren?
Für das Studium des Fachs Master in Management gelten keine speziellen Zugangsvoraussetzungen.
Welche Themenschwerpunkte gibt es?
Themenschwerpunkte im Studienfach Master in Management sind:
Lehramtsbefähigender Master für:
  • k.A.
Wann kann ich mich bewerben?
Hier findest du die Fristen und Termine für deine Bewerbung:


Application time: Year-round

Registration period: Year-round

Gibt es einen Studienbeitrag?
Zum Studienbeitrag liegen folgende Informationen vor: Fees per term €4,600
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